The increasingly extensive use of data in the cloud, is turning data privacy and security into a key priority for many companies.

In a recent forecast analysis, Gartner notes that “Through 2024, more than 60% of enterprises will purchase enterprise-wide encryption products, from fewer than 20% in 2018.”

At PSE Data Security, it is our mission to increase your companies’ innovation flexibility by protecting your data with our advanced data security solutions. Our solutions are state of the art, high performing and can be used both cloud-based and hyperconverged.

We launched our first data security solution in 2005. Since then, we have expanded our data security expertise across various industries. Our solutions have been further developed to support continuously increasing data security standards and technology.

Why PSE?

  • Proven data security solutions with excellent track record
  • Leading customers with long-term commitment
  • Dedicated to best-in-class data security products

PSE principles

Our advanced data security solutions

  • Tailormade

    Putting our customers and their valued data first, our data security solutions can be tailormade.

  • Intelligent

    We pioneered transparent encryption methods and perfected data anonymization techniques in order to deliver highly secure environments, quality test-data and minimal end-user impact.

  • Seamless

    Our solutions can be run cloud-based or on-premise and can integrate into existing CICD flows.