Strong data security solutions for business critical enterprise applications

PSE Data Security offers a range of enterprise data security solutions. Our solutions are state of the art, high performing and can be used both cloud-based and on-premise. They support your company’s need for agility to speed innovations and improve your level of data security compliance. We are building on unique and proven data scrambling and encryption technology, incorporating all the latest developments in data security regulations.

If you require more information on our solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Data Anonymization

“Is our current way of copying production data to test environments GDPR compliant? Can we deliver proof of this to the auditors?”

This is a question that we frequently encounter and one that was at the origin of our first PSEscramble product.

The PSEscramble product allows for secure and anonymized copies of production environments to be created. The production data can be scrambled, masked or anonymized depending on customer requirements. The anonymization process is fully configurable and can deal with the large volume of data contained in several of the mainstream enterprise applications in use today. The current PSEscramble product has the following feature set:

  • Pre-build models (Payroll, ERP, HRMS, EPD) as well as fully bespoke models
  • Auditable, Very large dataset support, High Performance
  • GDPR / AGV approved
  • Large set of data scrambling features (including moving relevant window and multi-column shuffle)
  • Support for both DB enforced and application based referential integrity
  • National/Special column support
  • SaaS, On-premise or hyper converged deployment options
  • Oracle, SQL Server and Universal DB support
  • Web API’s for CICD integration

Data Encryption

“Should we encrypt the data at source, or at the presentation layer? Can we use our own encryption algorithm and key management?”

Encryption is still seen as very complex and is often poorly understood. At PSE we have designed and implemented various kinds of encryption solutions.

The PSEencrypt product has the following feature set:

  • Supports newest encryption standards
  • Custom algorithm integration possible
  • Encryption at DB, business logic or presentation level
  • Advanced key management

Synthetic Data Creation

“How do we ensure our test environment has sufficient volumes of high-quality data while still being compliant?”

The PSEcreate product has the following feature set:

  • Multi database support
  • PSE proprietary Data Sense logic 

Data Security Advisory

“Should we be using different anonymization approaches throughout our application landscape? Is encryption still relevant even if applications don’t contain personal information?”


Our data security advisory team has clarified countless questions over the years to customers in various industries. We have reviewed existing compliance standards and advised on data security implementations. Together with our customers, we have collaborated on solution design and on some occasions have embedded data security features into their enterprise SaaS offerings.

Data Security Advisory is available on request.